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Technical Compliance

Products - diamond grinding wheels: 1А1, 14А1, 14V1, 9A3, 6A2, 12A2-45, 11V9-70, 12V5-45, 12A2-20, 14M1, 12R4, 12V5-20, 12D9, 1FF1, 14EE1, 6A2T, 1V1, 12V9, 4A2, 4BT9, 6A9, A8, 4B2, 3A1, 12M2-45, 1G1, 12B2, 1P1, 14FF1, manufactured Diamond Tools Plant LLC, located (legal entity address): 36000, 69 Stritenska str., Poltava town, Ukraine, place of business for the manufacture of products: 38762, 24 Shevchenko str., Tereshki village, Poltava region, Ukraine, code ТН ВЭД ЕАЭС 6804210000 - meets the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union ТР ТС 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment".


Registration number of the declaration of conformity: ЕАЭС №BY/112 11.01.ТР010 002 08305

Date of registration of the declaration of conformity: 29.06.2018

The declaration of conformity is valid from the date of registration to 06/28/2023 inclusive.


Collection and processing of precious stones

Лицензия 1

Cutting precious stones (diamonds)

Лицензия 2

Tool production using diamonds

Лицензия 3

Shipping and payment

Delivery is made by any service convenient for you.

Payment is possible, in cash, to a card or current account, by invoice, both for an individual and for a legal entity.

Return and exchange

The product cannot be returned or replaced, except for warranty cases.